Alex comes from no judgment, while welcoming any and all topics, requests, and questions.  Here's a quick snippet of a few of her clients and the facilitation requested:

~ Land investor feeling stuck while looking at what else is possible for his money
~ 37 year old man given an ultimatum from his wife; change or divorce
~ A counselor uncertain of a business solutions MLM she is thinking of joining
~ Oil & gas president looking for HR solutions
~ Young entrepreneur wondering how to focus his business skills
~ 40 year old woman waking up to the dating and relationship patterns not-working-for-her, yet she continues to follow
~ Man whose wife experienced a miscarriage
~ 20 year old woman uncertain & unclear about career choices while battling her parents' point-of-view about her career
~ Woman in her sixties looking at the abuse she experienced as a young child
~ Teenager torn about his parents' divorce and feeling in the middle
~ Parents of an autistic child on finding more ease with parenting
~ A woman looking at her body image judgments and seeking a different way of seeing herself  
~ 50 year old man choosing to date after 10 years of celebacy
~ A woman of two teenagers looking to change her hyper-critical and controlling style of parenting
~ 37 year old man choosing a different life after twelve years of marriage

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