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You're invited to join us for weekly 

game night!

Retrain how your brain thinks about money. 

Recreate your relationship with money.

Come play Robert Kiyosaki's finance & investment board game, Cash Flow.  A way to maneuver the savvy world of investment & finance without spending your own money.  

During these games you'll begin to see what limitations block your ability to attract, have, and enjoy money. Additionally, you'll:

Game Nights Include:

  • financial record

  • game instruction    
  • personalized, strategic financial coaching & facilitation 

  • clearing financial blocks in real time

  • a take-home financial guide with tools & strategies 

  • food & snacks

~ Look At Your Financial Reality ~

~ Change What Isn’t Working ~

~ Clear Financial Limitations ~

~ Build Financial Acuity ~

~ Design a New Reality with Money ~

If points-of-view around finance, 

money & investing 

create reality, what financial reality 

are you functioning from?

Is money a friend or a foe or merely an acquaintance?

What programming around money have you bought into?

What do you love about having no money?

Is there such thing as too much money?

Games 1-3
 Games 4-6
 Games 7-9
Series #1 Targets Your:

  • approach towards money & finances
  • collective belief systems 
  • unconscious financial patterns 
  • points-of-view about money and how to be with money

What does money mean to you?

How does money affect you?

What is the value of having or 
not having money?

Series #2 Targets Your:

  • confidence building
  • limitations with your current monthly paycheck
  • judgments of how others spend their money
  • financial reality and creating one that works with and for you

Are you willing to enjoy money?

Does money like hanging out with you? 

Can you find joy with having money?

Series #3 Targets Your:

  • capacity to have financial savvy
  • financial future - possibility 
  • havingness account
  • judgments of the wealthy
  • conversation with money
  • conversation with purchases

If you threw a party, would money come?

Are you willing to be richer than everyone 
in your family?

What can you create in the world if you 
were willing to be filthy rich.

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